Gerjo van Osch, PhD

Erasmus Medical Centre

Gerjo van Osch studied Medical Biology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands and received a PhD from Nijmegen University based on her research on mouse models for osteoarthritis (1994). She moved to Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1995 where she has set up her own research group. Gerjo is currently appointed as full professor of Connective Tissue Regeneration in the Departments of Orthopaedics and Otorhinolaryngology at Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam. She is leading a research group of approx. 20 people. Her research aims to find methods to generate permanent cartilage with the use of stem cells, even in an inflamed environment such as osteoarthritis.

Gerjo is co-author on over 200 publications, involved in several national and  European funded projects (also coordinating two Horizon2020 MSCA-ITNs) and is currently the chair-elect of TERMIS-EU.