Hervé Kempf, PhD


Hervé Kempf received his Ph.D. in Endocrinology and Molecular Interactions from Paris XI University (1999) for his work on the role of vasoactive peptides in cardiovascular and craniofacial development performed at the College de France in Paris, France (1994-1999). Hervé Kempf received the price for Young Investigator from the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation (1999) to join Andrew Lassar lab at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. With the additional help of a Human Frontier Science Program long-term fellowship (2001-2004) and an Arthritis Foundation award (2005), he worked as a postdoctoral fellow for 6 years on the signalling pathways and transcriptional factors regulating cardiac and cartilage differentiation during development. In 2006, he has been appointed as a senior instructor at College de France where he developed a new project on vascular calcifications. He was recruited as a permanent research scientist at INSERM in 2007. Since he joined IMoPA laboratory in Nancy in 2010, he leads the group "Molecular Regulation of Pathological Mineralization", whose main goal is to study the molecular mechanisms responsible for the mineralization processes occurring in vascular, tracheal and articular tissues in the context of aging, genetic deficiencies and pathological conditions including osteoarthritis.