Jackie Whittaker, PT, PhD

University of Alberta

Dr. Whittaker is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, and Research Director of the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic at the University of Alberta in Edmonton (Canada). She is recognized as a Clinical Specialist in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, is an Adjunct Professor at the International Olympic Committee-funded Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre at the University of Calgary (Canada), and an Associate Member of the Arthritis Research UK Centre for Sport, Exercise and OA. The focus of her research is to understand the origins of chronic adult musculoskeletal diseases, such as OA, in youth, and to shift the approach taken to manage OA towards preventing or delaying its onset. This includes determining the origins of health and disease through a greater understanding of the period between youth musculoskeletal injury and OA onset, and the development and implementation of targeted secondary prevention interventions aimed at reducing the burden of OA. Dr. Whittaker’s research is guided by a unique skill set stemming from extensive clinical expertise gained through 21 years of clinical practice and rigorous research training, which allows her to move freely along the knowledge generation-translation continuum.